The Pain Of Losing A Pet

Losing your best friend is the most painful experience you could ever go through. Losing an animal companion could be even more devastating than losing a human. No wonder, after the death of a loved one you feel that you cannot go on with life. John Pointer had just lost his dog and best friend Benny with whom they had shared so many precious moments. The poor man was crushed by grief, as he narrates the last painful memories of the moments he spent with his bulldog. The Pain of Losing a Pet It all began a few months ago. John Pointer had taken Benny out to the park as he usually did. They were playing when Benny suddenly fainted. He stopped breathing. “Benny what happened to you!” he shouted. He lifted Benny’s head and looked at his eyes. “Do not worry man, I got you.
” He added as he lifted the bulldog from the ground. He took him to the vet where the poor dog was diagnosed with kidney failure. And that was the begging of the grief journey for John. Things were never the same for John again as sadness became his second companion.
The fear of losing Benny anytime created so much of anxiety for John, especially knowing that he had little time left. The vet advised John that he had an option of performing euthanasia on Benny and told him to call when it was time. Benny’s condition had since worsened; he could not get out of bed by himself. John had to carry the dog out for a poop and a pee. He peed right by the front door, then moved a few steps to the middle of the parking lot where he pooped. This was against the rules, but Benny was too weak to move, so John decided to make an exception to the rule. By seeing the condition of his dog, John knew that he had to make that call.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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