The Power Of Potatoes.


Oh, those poor potatoes. Often maligned by nutritional experts and left forgotten by consumers; however, the average American eats up to 130 pounds of potatoes yearly. Potatoes are more than just an everyday cheap starch and carbohydrate. They may not be coloured as brightly as others on the vegetable spectrum, but they come in all sizes, types, and regional varieties.
The 'simple spud' is packed with nutrients and considered a low-calorie option for those who must diet. Easy to find in grocery stores, and a staple of many homes in North America, the potato is a versatile though forgotten super food.
Here are ten benefits of potatoes, which may make you reach for one as a snack or meal item.

1. Fibre

The Power of Potatoes Did you know that potatoes have lots of beneficial fibre? Half of a potato's fibre is soluble while the other half is insoluble. For human digestion, having a combination of fibre can help keep things working nicely inside your intestinal tract - as an added benefit, fibre helps to keep you feeling full. The mixture of fibre is also great for lowering cholesterol. How much fibre a potato has depends upon size, a large baked potato in its skin has almost 7 grams of fibre. This is 28 percent of your daily nutritional need.

2. Phytochemicals

A long name with big gains, an average medium potato contains up to 60 different types of phytochemicals, including flavonoids. The Power of PotatoesKukoamine and quercetin are two flavonoids which help to lower blood pressure. Overall, the benefits of flavonoids can be seen in heart health, respiratory repairs, and new research suggests that flavonoids can help to prevent cancer. In nutritional terms, 100 to 675 milligrams of phytochemicals can be found per 100 grams of potato.

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