The Price To Pay For True Friendship - A One Dollar Bill


The psychology of friendship

We all know that real friends are hard to find and there are many different kinds of friendships that we develop throughout a lifetime. Someone once said, a friend is someone who comes in when the world goes out, and that's probably the best definition you'll ever find. The psychology of friendship is not such a straight forward matter though, as we need different people at different stages of our lives, yet those who are with us from the very beginning, tend to be the long lasting kind. 'Lifers'; people who truly accept our flaws and stick with us through thick and thin are hard to come by and they're even harder to keep. The internet is rife with stories about friendship and there's one particular video that's very popular at the moment. It sums of friendship very well. Madea (Mabel "Madea" Simmons) is a fictional character created by Tyler Perry. The character has become synonymous with timely advice from a wise woman who has been through all the experiences that life has to offer. Madea compares relationships and people to trees and the passing seasons. A tree has three components; roots, branches and leaves. Some people come into out lives and they are just leaves. The wind blows and they disappear at the first sign of trouble. Other people can be compared to branches. Branches can be tricky, as they tend to break, but they are still necessary for the tree's survival. Then there are roots. Roots are what sustains the tree's life and Madea tells us we simply can't live without our roots. So, if you are lucky enough to find people who stay by your side no matter what, you have indeed found yourself a rare treasure; true friendship. Bearing this wisdom in mind, how often do you find two companions who make a promise to meet up again after forty years of absence? And is it possible to keep that kind of promise? CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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