The Real Cause Of Bad Breath And How To Tackle It Effortlessly

Do you sometimes get the sense your breath may have a nasty smell? You seem to be doing everything by the book: regular dentist appointments and proper dental hygiene. But you still can't shake off the feeling that your breath has an unpleasant smell… what else can you do? We have compiled here many tactics that will help you keep your mouth other free. Some of these are common sense, but others are a bit surprising. Read through this list and you'll have an arsenal of tools to keep your breath from getting unpleasant.

Understand the root cause: bacteria

The typical reason why people have bad smell is bacteria. These microscopic creatures form colonies in your mouth, and thrive on the little pieces of food that linger between your teeth and gums. So the key reasoning to minimize bad breath is to minimize the bacteria in your mouth. A big part of that is to starve them, by keeping your mouth sparkling clean and clear of food remnants.

Check your toothbrush

If you haven't changed your toothbrush in months, or if you keep in a somewhere damp, it will tend to become a colony of bacteria in its own right. So when you use it to clean the bacteria in your mouth, you're actually adding more bacteria into the mix. To avoid this, make sure get a new brush every couple of months and always watch where you put it down.

Brush in the morning and before bedtime

You should brush at least twice a day; skipping sessions is giving those mouth bacteria a chance to thrive. Brush thoroughly and patiently, making sure to cover all the teeth from different angles.

Scrape your tongue

Get a brush that features a tongue scraper on the backside and make sure to gently scrape away any residue that may be left over around its surface.

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