The Real Meaning Behind Whatsapp Emoticons And How To Use Them.

Have you ever started writing a message on Whatsapp but just don't know the perfect emoticon to use? Emoticons are a really fun way of making your Whatsapp conversations more interesting and there are so many to choose from. Some of the emoticons are easy to tell the meaning of whilst others can be more confusing. This guide talks through ten Whatsapp emoticons, what they really mean and the best times to use them.

1. Steam from the nose smiley

The Real Meaning Behind Whatsapp Emoticons and How To Use Them This emoticon has two common uses. Firstly, it could be used to mean a sneeze which would be useful if you were talking about having allergies or a cold. Using more than one could show that you are sneezing a lot, such as during hayfever season or if you are somewhere really dusty like an old house.
Secondly, it can be used to show anger, as if the smiley is holding back so much rage that steam is coming out of its nose. The steam from the nose smiley is used in this way to show not only that you are angry but that you are really trying, and struggling, to hold back the rage. This shows that you are trying to stay calm but if you need to let some anger out soon!
This emoticon shouldn't be used when you are in the middle of an argument with someone, it is more suited to times when you want to argue but are holding back.

2. Building with a pink H and a heart next to it

There is another very similar emoticon to this one which is just a building with a red H on, the H is generally used to show a hospital.The Real Meaning Behind Whatsapp Emoticons and How To Use Them The emoticon of just the building with a red H could be used in any conversation regarding hospitals, for example visiting a sick relative or going for a routine operation. The emoticon with a pink heart next to it however is more specific, and is designed to be used for positive things. Most likely the hospital with a pink heart would be used to talk about a birth, for example if a friend of yours had just had a baby and you were looking forward to visiting the hospital. As the H is pink, this would be especially appropriate if you are talking about the birth of a baby girl.
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