The Scourge Of Scratched Spectacles- Six Simple Solutions


1 - Localizing the damage

Peering through spectacles that have incurred pesky scratches can be annoying as well as a strain on the eye. Far too many of us tend to discard them and run to the opticians for replacements. There are in fact, several ways to salvage a pair of specs with minor scuffs and scrapes but, you need to pinpoint exactly where they are. In order to locate, you first need to give your specs a good old-fashioned cleaning. Although there are numerous products on the market especially produced to clean lens, nothing works better than plain, warm soapy water. Use the pads of your fingertips to erase all excess dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean, soft microfiber cloth. The emphasis on using only clean cloths ensures you are not adding further smudges. Identify exactly where the scratches are by holding your specs towards the light.

2 - The toothpaste test

In the past, lenses were always made exclusively with glass. These days they are made of high-tech plastics. As a result, you don't necessarily need to purchase specialized products to eradicate minor etchings. There's an abundance of substances stored around the average home that can do the trick just as well. Toothpaste is one of them. Avoid brands that contain whitening components or any other harsh abrasives. Toothpaste is a natural polishing compound and can work wonders when applied properly. Place a dollop of non-gel paste on your lens and rub it gently into the scratch with a cotton wool swab. Make small, circular motions on the affected area. Do this for about ten seconds, then rinse the lens with lukewarm water. Again, it's important to use a lint-free clean cloth when drying off. If the scratch remains, try another coat. Repeat as often is necessary.

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