The Secrets Of Making Perfect Batter For Frying


Preparing batter for your favorite fried foods is a more challenging task than you might think. Not only must you choose the very best ingredients, but you must also pay close attention to the quantities, and adapt your recipe for the particular foods you are preparing. Well-made batter does not absorb the oil used for frying, resulting in a deliciously light, crispy, and non-greasy treat. Preparation is the key. Whether you are frying vegetables, fish, fruit, desserts, or meat, the techniques described in this article will help you to create the perfect batter.

Firstly, a batter should be as homogeneous as possible. Ideally, the mixture should be completely uniform. For this reason, when mixing the flour, water, salt and oil, you should pay constant attention to the consistency and density of the batter. Instead of pouring everything into the mixing bowl all at once, add tiny quantities of each ingredient until the mixture is just right.


One particular type of batter is prepared by combining two egg whites and then letting the preparation rest for twenty to forty minutes in the refrigerator. This batter is especially good for frying all kinds of vegetables, from zucchini and eggplant to cauliflower and carrots, and has the advantage of being very soft. The egg whites should be whipped before being mixed with the other ingredients and should be folded together very gently, using sweeping gestures from bottom to top of the mixture, to prevent clumping.

If you want to make battered fish, it is preferable to mix the flour with an egg yolk and a pinch of salt. A great tip for fish batter is to use carbonated water, preferably at a low temperature, rather than plain tap water. Whisk the egg yolk and then gradually pour in the carbonated water in a steady stream. After mixing together, add the flour. Now your batter is ready for frying.


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