The Shocking Truth Behind Child Brides


Girls robbed of their childhood

There was a shocking story in the news recently when an 8 year old girl from Yemen died from internal bleeding after being raped by her so-called new husband. Although this story rocked the world, child marriage is extremely common in some countries, with Yemen one of the worst offenders. In this extremely poor country, an estimated one-third of all girls are married before the age of 15. Yemen isn't alone in following this abhorrent practice since many developing countries also practice child marriage, often without the girls' consent and at the behest of their parents. There are various initiatives and campaigns to end child marriage, which is generally seen as a violation of human rights.
It's thought that poverty and gender inequality are largely to blame for the continuation of child marriage, which is seen as totally unacceptable in the developed world. Child girls who are married off to older men have not only their lives and health threatened but also their future prospects become extremely limited as they almost certainly won't receive an education. They're likely to often get pregnant while still children or young adolescents, which carries a risk of complications with their pregnancy or during the birth of their child. This is compounded by the lack of medical facilities in the countries they live in and is tragically one of the main causes of death among young girls in developing countries. So, if child marriage is seen as unacceptable in many countries, what would the reaction be in your country if a child bride was spotted with a much older groom on their wedding day? To find out, a group conducted a social experiment in New York to see people's reactions which were strong to say the least. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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