The Strangest, Paying Jobs That You Have Ever Seen Advertised.

5. Possibly the finest of the strange jobs that have been advertised is Island Caretaker. This position was promoted as the best job in the world and involved living on an island that forms part of the Great Barrier Reef, for six months. Over 35000 applications were made for the position from countries across the world, each using differing methods to promote themselves including one person who elected to jump off a bridge in Florida. His efforts were met my the local law enforcement agency and a summons for breach of the peace! More serious job prospectors used blogs and other social media to bring themselves into the public eye. Eventually the applicants were cut down to 16 which included one chosen by the public via an on-line vote and a Briton called Ben Southall was chosen for the job. The benefits for the position included a generous salary of £73400, free transportation around the islands and a free multi-million pound villa. The campaign for the job itself was a public relations success as after the furore of the application process, BBC television produced a one hour special which recorded the highest viewing figures on the day of release 2nd July 2009.
The whole campaign was said to have generated many millions of dollars worth publicity for the tourism industry which effectively paid for the job. After completing his tenure as Island Caretaker, Ben became the Ambassador of Queensland Tourism and continued his love of extreme adventures including setting the world record for climbing the tallest mountains in each Australian state in the shortest times, a 1600km kayak trip along the great barrier reef and circumnavigating Africa, for charity, in a Land Rover colloquially known as "Colonel Mustard" Ben finally returned to the island in 2012 and married his fiancee, Sophee Macphee.
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