The Ten Best Ways To Tell The Future With Your Palms.


Have you ever heard of a trade known as palmistry? This is a fancy term for those who are able to tell your future by reading the lines in your palms. Although you may not believe in this practice, let us take a more in-depth look at this trade to better understand how it works. What do palmists look for?

8 - Your Life Line

The Ten Best Ways to Tell the Future With Your Palms This is the line that most people are familiar with. Your life line runs from the bottom and middle of your palm around your thumb. This line can be of various lengths and depths. Interestingly enough, there is actually a misconception that reading this line will tell you how long you are supposed to live. In actuality, your life line says more about the quality of life as opposed to its longevity. In other words, it is better at determining your health and mental outlook as opposed to predicting when you will die. Those who are very stressed or who have chronic health issues will often show a narrow or broken lifeline.

7 - Your Heart Line

This is another very important line for those who are concerned about their health. As the name hints, your heart line represents both the physical characteristics of your heart as well as those which are affected by your overall emotional state. The Ten Best Ways to Tell the Future With Your PalmsMany state that this same line is a good indicator of strength and emotional respect. As with all forms of palmistry, different types of lines represent very discrete aspects of your cardiovascular health and character. A curved line signifies that you may be what is known as an "aggressive romantic". A line that is more straight hints that you are more subdued with your affection towards others. A steeper curve hints at more intense sexual desires. This line is seen as a semicircular curve beneath your four fingers.
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