The Ten Most Expensive Pieces Of Jewellery In The World.


1. The Cartier diamond brooch

This fabulous diamond brooch by Cartier dates features a central pendant formed from a 34.08 old-cut pear-shaped diamond suspended above an oval stone of 23.55ct and a further 6.51ct marquise-cut diamond. These large stones are suspended from two palmette pins set with circular diamonds and the piece is surrounded by stylised ropes of lilies of the valley created with articulated smaller diamonds. Sold recently for over $20m, the brooch dates from 1912 when it was commissioned by Solomon Barnato Joel, who had made his fortune in South African diamond mines. After retiring to London, he brought his four best diamonds to Cartier to be the transformed into a gift for the woman he loved. This beautiful brooch which is typical of the Belle Epoque era has been handed down through successive generations before the recent sale.

2. Chopard ring

The Blue is the engagement ring to put all others into the shade. To impress a lady with this fabulous bauble, you would have to spend around $16.25m. Designed by Chopard, the renowned Swiss jewellers and watchmakers, the ring features a huge, oval, deep blue diamond flanked by triangular white diamonds and set on a white-gold band. Blue is the rarest of all diamond colours and a stone of this size, clarity and saturation of hue is very seldom found. The rough blue diamond is cut by experts so that its facets reveal the dazzling brilliance of the stone: this process takes many months of precise and painstaking work. In its natural state, a diamond does not look very impressive, but when cut, up to 50% of the stone is gradually chipped away and its luminosity and scintillation are greatly increased, leading to a stunning gem such as “The Blue”.
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