The Waterfall That Looks Like A Gateway To Another World

Covão do Conchos is a surreal looking waterfall located near Guarda in Portugal. It is part of the Conchos Lake in Serra da Estrela. This small dam was built in 1955 and consists of a 4,984 ft tunnel. In English, Covão do Conchos means Hell’s Well, which is a rather fitting name for this spectacular waterfall.
During winter, the full force of the waterfall surges through the rocks, but in summer, there is hardly a trickle of water. To fully appreciate the waterfall and get the best view, make sure you wear non-slip shoes as it can get a little awkward walking around on the rocks.
Covão do Conchos resembles the mouth of hell and looks quite dangerous at first glance. However, most people are surprised to find it so tranquil and calming. This mysterious hole was only recently discovered in Serra da Estrela and was originally part of the hydro-electric system.
Up until the beginning of 2014, this dam was a secret and remained a mystery. It wasn’t until three Portuguese men revealed this dam to the world when they were on their 2-hour walk from Serra da Estrela. These men had their camera equipment and recorded the waterfall before publishing it on the Web. The strange video soon went viral and is now part of the landscape treasures of Portugal. The waterfall that looks like a gateway to another world If you choose to explore Covão do Conchos, you will be mesmerised by this natural masterpiece. The tunnel that diverts water from Ribeira das Naves to Lagoa Comprida was built back in 1955, but it took many decades before the actual dam was discovered by people. The long hole gives the illusion that the dam is deeper than it really is, however, a recent video showed that it’s possible to see the tunnel more closely with the help of a drone.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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