The Way You Walk Is A Gait-way To Your Personality

There’s a phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but first impressions are powerful. Your body language speaks volumes about you and people use what they see to size you up. The way you walk is a big part of your body language and can reveal interesting insights into your personality? So what do your hoofing habits reveal about you? Walk this way to find out:

1 - The Confident Walk

Can you walk the walk as well as talk the talk? Confident walkers give the impression that they can. Their confidence shows in their posture and stride. These people walk with their shoulders square and their head held high. They have a purposeful stride that shows they are comfortable with themselves and that they know where they are going.
You won’t find these guys walking with a hunched back or dragging their feet. Their body is upright, giving people a good impression.
It says, “You can rely on me.” They take determined steps showing anyone watching them that they know where they are going and how to get there. They know their goals and are on their way to achieving them. There’s nothing jerky or rushed about their movements. Their stride is slightly long, but the pace is smooth and relaxed. Everything in their posture and movement exudes confidence. They’re telling the world that they are Numero Uno, the go-to guy. The Way You Walk Is A Gait-way To Your Personality People like this stand out in a crowd. Leaders, head honchos in the world of business, models and celebrities often walk this way. Their shoulders are back and their gaze is straight ahead, not darting here and there. They typically have high energy and are go-getters, but they aren’t smart alecs. They know their stuff and are often a force to be reckoned with. They don’t have to prove anything to anyone. But watch out for those with a stiff body; this could show that they are a tad inflexible. And those who walk with their head too high and look down on others could be arrogant or cold and unapproachable.
If you want to be seen as the most important person in the room, strut your stuff with confidence.

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