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The World's Most Embarrassing Wedding Dresses


1 The Decorated Meringue

Your wedding day should be a memorable occasion, but it is best that it is remembered for the right reasons. While one can see the intention behind this Cinderella-esque confection, the end result is not quite what one expects… The skirt is so large that one wonders if it doubles as a honeymoon tent, and the sparse texturing seems to be unfinished having attained a perfect balance between gorgeously overdone and elegantly understated. The frothy-skirted bridesmaids' dresses too, aim at stylised and sophisticated fun, but speak instead of 'serious toothpaste accident'. The nicest thing we can say is that the cheerful turquoise blue is very pretty.

2 Matrimonial Pride

While this couple certainly deserves kudos for their clear and unequivocal statement of tolerance, equality and LGBTI support, one does wonder if they have not overdone the rainbow concept of their wedding attire. The combination of all that rainbow zaniness with a lot of black means the couple look simultaneously like free-living hippies and slightly creepy warlocks: not a bad look per se, but not really desirable for a wedding. The style of the couple too, does not really work: she has gone full druid priestess with those long flowing, relentlessly rainbow-coloured sleeve and train (all the better hide sharp, sacrificial instruments, perhaps) while he has settled for flip-flop chic on his feet. Revealed all the better by slightly too-short trousers.

3 Garlic Dress

This wedding dress is unique. It is also stylish, made from a rather attractive off-white fabric and looks expensive and carefully sewn. It also, unmistakeably resembles a bulb of garlic, both in shape and in colour. The garlicky effect is enhanced with the rose trim around the bottom of the skirt and the wrist corsages, which should look cute and feminine and would do so with almost any other style or colour of dress. One wonders if the bride decided to deliberately pay homage to her favourite culinary ingredient or if it is an unfortunate chance resemblance.
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