These Amazing Creatures Actually Exist! Wonder At Their Magnificence


1 - Meet Giant George, the 7ft Tall Great Dane

Those with a fear of dogs might want to look away now. Giant George, as he was fittingly known, is famous around the world as the tallest dog on record, making it into the Guinness World Record Books in 2010. On his hind legs, George stood 7 feet tall and towered over all the other dogs in the park, but his imposing appearance certainly didn't match his behaviour. The blue Great Dane was a friendly giant, entertaining audiences on many TV shows throughout his eight years on this planet including Oprah and Good Morning America. Ironically, his journey to stardom began in surprising circumstances as the runt of the litter, but he soon stood out from the pack.

2 - Poe, a 10 ft horse, is Neigh Animal to Mess With

You might think that horses are big enough as it is, but Poe had other ideas. Rescued in 2008 by his owner Shereen Thompson, this huge beast stands 10 ft tall from hoof to head and absolutely towers over Shereen and other horses on the Canadian farm where he grew up – and boy did he do some growing! According to Shereen, Poe is the tallest horse in the world as of 2010, but this hasn't been officially verified and he has plenty of competition. One thing we can say is Poe is definitely one of the largest horses in existence, and possibly one of the greediest! Poe chomps down on 10lb of grain and drinks a whopping 75 gallons of the wet stuff every day.

3 - A Giant Rodent Living the life of Luxury in Texas

Who wants to live with a rodent? Not many people I'd imagine, but Melanie and Richard in Texas are not your usual pet owners. They grew fond of a particular kind of rodent known as a capybara whilst on holiday and decided they wanted one of their own, as you do. They adopted Gary not long after, and the 112 lb rodent now lives a serene existence at their home in Texas. The semi-aquatic animal kind of looks like a giant guinea pig, but it certainly packs more of a bite than its smaller cousins as well as being more aggressive. Despite this, there's not much for Gary to be mad at between swimming in the pool and watching TV on the couch.
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