These Baby Face Emoticons Will Make You Smile!

These baby-face emoticons are an uncanny match for real-life babies! Check out the following images and their baby match-ups.

The Angry Face

When a baby wants to express an angry face a curled lip and a Groucho Marx expression like this looks fairly frightening. Head tilted to one side, shoulder forwards, the whole posture speaks 'angry face'. Try telling this baby what to do right now! The emoticon for anger shows eyebrows furrowed, just like this baby. He's only just developed his eyebrows but boy does he know how to use them. Take a look at that curled lip action. He's got his angry chin and lip movements down to a fine art. This baby won't be messed with. Little brother or sister, watch out!

The Embarrassed Face

Those lovely grey eyes show an expression of embarrassment here, with her little baby mouth pursed in an expression of guilt. The emoticon for embarrassment looks surprised too, and it makes you wonder what this baby has done to feel guilty. I mean, how many embarrassing things can a baby do? Maybe she has just dropped her rattle down the side of the cot. Maybe she has eaten something she shouldn't. Maybe she just pulled the cat's tail causing the cat to say a loud 'miaow'! Don't let this innocent face fool you, this baby is up to no good!

The Really Happy Face

This baby is laughing so loudly his eyes are closed. It is like he's just heard the best joke in the world and is laughing really hard. The emoticon for this 'really happy' face shows a big wide grin and eyes closed, just like our baby here. Don't you think it is a beautiful thing that babies can laugh really heartilly and enjoy life so much? You would think a baby didn't understand the joke here, but maybe babies understand more than we think. This baby has certainly got the joke and has the giggly laughter to prove it.
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