These Pregnant Women Are Due Just 4 Weeks Apart But The Differences Will Amaze You

Chontel Duncan is a former Miss Universe finalist and fitness model and she’s got the body to back it up. Due to give birth this month, she’s still boasting her toned body and lean muscles, often sharing photos with her over 350 thousand followers on Instagram. Working as a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) instructor in her home country of Australia, it’s actually her online social media presence that has people talking, leaving them awestruck when they find her pregnancy is hardly even noticeable due to her tight and toned physique, maintained by her dedication to training.

A New Take On Pregnancy

Though she has continued to train throughout her pregnancy a few times a week in hopes of preparing for the pregnancy, she’s careful to avoid injury or risk her baby’s safety, paying close attention to the pressure she puts on her back, knees and bump.
When she shares her photos online that document her daily life, her main goal is to change people’s perceptions of what a normal pregnancy looks like and encourages soon-to-be moms not to worry about their progress, an instead do what feels right to them.

The Shocking Difference

Though it’s clear that Chontel keeps her body fitter than most, the real contrast came when she shared a picture on Facebook of her and her friend Nat, who is only four weeks ahead in her own pregnancy. Taken when Chontel was in her 21st week of pregnancy, the photo served to illustrate the distinct difference in most women’s pregnancies to Chontel’s. With the two women standing belly-to-belly, the difference was shocking. She elaborated on the photo, stating that every woman will carry differently and that doesn’t necessarily mean one is wrong or unhealthy. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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