These Revelations May Blow Your Mind!


1. When is a lid not a lid?

Think the plastic lid on drinks you buy from fast food places is just to hold your straw in place? Think again! Whilst these lids are pretty effective at stopping you from spilling your drink, if you trust yourself enough to not spill, you can use it for another purpose: as a coaster or portable saucer for your cup. Just take it off, turn it upside down and place it underneath the cup. Carry your drink around in its own lid or keep it a bit more secure when in your car on this makeshift saucer. Revolutionary, we know!

2. Light your way through the shadows

This may blow your mind, but when you light a candle, the flame itself often does not cast a shadow. This is thought to be because shadows are formed when an object is blocking a light source and, usually, the flame is the main light source, so it does not cast its own shadow.2. Light your way through the shadows The only time when you may see a faint shadow from a flame is when it is in the path of an even brighter light source. It also might not cast a shadow because light can mostly pass through the flame, so it is not obstructing the source of light.

3. Cold hands, warm heart

Another way to revolutionise your fast food consumption; have you ever got an ice cream sundae from Dairy Queen? Once you’ve taken the lid of the sundae, you probably just cast it aside, right? Or maybe you keep it to reseal the pot if, for some strange reason, you didn’t want to eat it all in one go. Well, there’s another way you could be using it; place your pot of ice cream on top of the lid, that way you can hold onto the empty lid rather than the pot of ice cream, stopping your hands from getting so cold whilst you eat it.
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