These Two Lost Everything Because Of A Mistake Made On Facebook

English couple Mark Higgins and Becky Szenk have learned a hard lesson that they won’t soon forget: because of a mistake made on Facebook, the two have lost everything they had. Warning: what has happened to them could happen to anyone. That's why this message is so important to everyone!

A Typical Move

The story begins as this young couple were looking to move to a new home. Wanting to get closer to the Becky’s workplace, 13 km away from the house in which they resided, they still needed help getting all of their belongings there in one piece. Not being able to move everything they had on their own, they looked into the idea of hiring a moving company to assist. 22 year old Becky performed a search online and through Facebook in order to find a company that would be willing to move their things to their new location.
She found what appeared to be a promising lead pretty quickly. From the website, the company appeared to be very professional: there were plenty of quality photos and a lot of positive feedback. Convinced that she found the right company to help them, Becky directly contacted a representative at the company who introduced themselves only as Lee Green. As soon as the moving date was scheduled and everything was organized and set, two men arrived with a van and, in the space of 45 minutes, packed up each piece of furniture and moving box. "They did everything very quickly and we thought they were professionals,” said Becky, describing the men as very polite. After they emptied the apartment and filled the van, the two men disappeared without even taking the the couple’s new address.
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