This 5-Year-Old Girl Had The Teacher In Tears. What She Did Will Move You, Too

Miriam Gwynne is a mother who lives in Scotland with her two children, twins Naomi and Isaac, both 5. Life is not easy for these children because both suffer from autism. Miriam was quite nervous when Naomi, in particular, was heading off to her first day of school. Would her new classmates tease her? How would this little girl fare in a room full of children? Miriam’s worries, however, were put to rest pretty quickly. By the end of the first day, Miriam received a call from Naomi’s teacher. The teacher didn’t call because of a problem, however. The opposite was true and in fact, she called to share with Miriam just how blown away she was with Naomi’s behaviour. Miriam could not believe her words.

The First Day of School

Like any mother, Miriam was terrified at the thought of sending her daughter to school. She questioned whether or not this would be the best thing for her, given her disability. She had been diagnosed with selective mutism and a form of autism and was still unable to dress herself fully or properly use the toilet. And despite spending an extra year in kindergarten, she was still on the the smallest girls in school. At the age of 5, Naomi already carried a heavy burden herself.
The same problems that Naomi faced, her twin brother Isaac faced, too. His complex needs, severe form of autism, provocative behaviour and verbal forms of verbal disability were very serious and was something that they all faced on a daily basis. How would he react at school and how would the twins feel without having each other? Would he be an easy target for school bullies? Miriam was worried and did not stop asking questions.
Something changed, however, in that first week of school. One day, Naomi’s teacher told her that her special, quiet child had in fact changed everything in the classroom without even saying a word.
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