This Boy Finds Something Unusual While Cutting The Lawn And It Changes The Lives Of Him & His Friends For The Better

Marco del Pino is 14 years old and lives in Cordoba, Argentina. But Marco is not like every other boy. He doesn’t spend his free time glued to the TV or playing video games. Instead, Marco has a very special hobby.

Marco’s Story

Marco’s story began on a day when he and his brother, Franco, were tasked with cutting the grass in the family’s backyard. While working along, the boys came across a box. Upon closer inspection, the boys heard weak moans coming from inside it and although startled at first, they worked up the courage to open it and take a look inside. To their surprise, they found three small puppies looking up at them. As it turned out, these gentle animals has been abandoned—it’s incredible to thing that there are still some people who could leave such helpless little animals on their own.
From here, the story becomes about Marco and these three puppies. Marco not only took the little puppies in, taking care of them and nourishing them back to health, but he decided to take their fate into his own hands and worked to find them a home full of love among family and friends.

His Special Mission

Since then, taking care of abandoned animals has become Marco’s special mission. In fact, he recently found himself in a similar situation, finding a box with five abandoned dogs—four were 45 days old an one was just 20. Using the Facebook profiles of his brother and sister, Marco looks for homes for his little animals friends. This situation works out for everyone. Not only does Marco find the animals loving homes, but since they go to people he knows, the most beautiful part is that he continues to see them on a regular basis—all he has to do is stop by for a visit. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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