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This Doctor’s Salary Is $400,000 A Year With 3 Months Salary, But Nobody Wants The Job

A general practitioner is wanted, and the job pays $400,000 NZD a year, but yet, no doctor is interested. That converts to just over €240,000 euro. It may seem absurd, especially given the amount of money a potential doctor could make, but what makes it even crazier, however, is they would also receive three months of vacation a year. It may sound crazy, but it’s true.

Doctor Wanted!

As first reported by The Guardian, the request comes from Tokoroa, New Zealand, in the Waikato region. Dr. Alan Kenny, burdened by too much work, needs to split the heavy load with another doctor, but the task to find some relief is proving to be more difficult than initially imagined. He’s specifically looking for a “general practitioner or GP (to be more precise, a “rural GP”) - a kind of family doctor, which in rural area is very important for the community. Because of too much work and constant demand, Dr. Kenny was forced to cancel his vacations several times. The problem is that in the area where Dr. Kenny works, it’s very hard to find doctors or other substitutes. His daughter, who is currently studying to become a doctor, has helped her father for the last two years, but even that is not enough to offset the high demanding work.

Still No Luck

In short, the conditions seem particularly favourable to an interested doctor. In fact, in addition to the rather large salary and lengthy three months of vacation, the job also offers free weekends and no night shifts. This enticing offer, however, has still not helped Dr. Kenny find a new colleague. So how can the offer be so amazing but yet no one is interested? According to the Daily Mail, the position has been remained vacant because of the heavy workload as well as the rural location. The doctor, again according to the Daily Mail, has also opened an online application for, which has been accessible for the last four months, but still, no one has responded to this seemingly great offer.
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