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It seems that almost everyone dreads the thought of going to the dentist. From kids to adults, it’s never a particularly pleasant experience for anyone. From the flossing and dental cleaning to the discovery of cavities or even much worse, most of us would rather just avoid the ordeal all together. As children, though, it’s not up to us; our parents make us go, keeping our best interests in mind, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. The same can be said for this dog, too. That’s right, this owner took her dog to the dentist!

Dentist & The Dog

Wesley, a golden retriever, made a trip to the dentists at the discretion of his owner, Molly Moore. It all began when Molly noticed that Wesley, typically playful and full of life, was acting quite strange and not like his usual self. He was not chewing on his toys like normal and more noticeably, he did not want to eat. It turns out that his teeth were in pain and performing his usually tasks was too much for the dog.
Luckily for Wesley, he just so happens to have some serous connections. Molly’s father, Dr. James Moore, in fact, is a veterinary dentist. On February 19th, thanks to the skill and knowledge of Dr. Moore, Wesley was fitted with his very own set of braces, solving the problems that had been causing his so much trouble.

A Healthy Bite

Molly said that many people think that Wesley’s new braces serve on an aesthetic purpose, but in reality, there are serious medical reasons that lead to this choice: Wesley suffers from malocclusion, an incorrect closure of the dental arches. Fortunately, in the case of animals, it is a cure that only takes a few weeks—a short enough period that a puppy can go back to eating and playing in no time, finally free from pain and discomfort. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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