This Is Why The Ear Is Considered A Painkiller

In the world of medicine, there are many proven cures that work, unproven methods that also work, myths, misconceptions and the outright lies .if you are a person who thinks that alternative medicine is much better than ordinary scientific medicines then I guess you are the busiest person in the web and libraries as you try to find out what works, what is said to work and what medication that does not serve the purpose. Perhaps the question that always makes you want to go to the other sphere of alternative medicine always goes somehow like this, “if scientific medicine is always as good as it is advertised then why do the native people of the remote Chinese islands, monks of Nepal and the native residents of the Amazon; live so long and healthy lives?”. The answer thus revolves around alternative methods of medicine and treatment.
Speaking of alternative treatment, have you heard of the new alternative treatment in town? It goes by the name auricolotherapy. It’s quite hard on the tongue, right?
Auricolotherapy is a health-care practice in where the auricle of the external ear is stimulated in order to lessen poor health conditions in other parts of the body. In layman’s words, it is acupuncture but focusing only on the ear. It is the new trend in town, but it actually is a very old tradition. It dates back to more than three thousand years ago in the Far East lands of China. Through trade and interaction, it came to the civilized world through the Egyptians. Folk traditions and culture then handed it down through generations and generations. Today, it is considered effective from the perspective of science. In addition, multiple studies have proven its effectiveness in treatment.

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