This Man Recreated His Wedding Photos With His Daughter After His Wife Passed Away


Two Halves

Though wedding photos typically showcase the bride and groom engaging in a tender embrace, the first of Ben and Ali’s photos shows the newly married couple standing in their home. Both are partially covered by sliding french doors. With only half of their bodies showing, one left side and one right, the symbolism suggests that they’re really two parts of one whole, bringing the truth to the phrase “better half” often attributed to couples in love. In the new photo featuring Ben and Ali’s daughter, Olivia, she takes the place of her late mother. Though her mother may be gone, she lives on through her daughter, now the most important part of Ben’s life.

Partners In Life

In a photo with a similar setup to the first, the married couple stare at each other from across the threshold of the same doors with love in their eyes. We see their full portraits this time, each decked out in their formal wedding attire. The left photo was taken in 2009, while the right was taken in 2013. In the right photo, Ben and his daughter hold hands in the same doorway. They share a smile with one another while the sun shines brightly through just as it did on the wedding day.

Holding Hands

Intended to remind Olivia of the house she was first raised in, each photo takes place in a part of their home before moving. The photos document their time there while they all lived together as a family and where Olivia’s life began. In the photo on the left, we see Ben and Ali holding hands, facing each other and staring deeply into each other’s eyes, clearly in love. On the right, and contrasting the black and white photo, Ben holds his daughter’s hands as she stands on his feet, too small to reach all the way.
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