This Owner Left His Dog In The Car, But It’s Not As Bad As It Sounds


The Heated Debate

The photo drew some laughs for its originality, but it also sparked a much larger debate about leaving your pets in the car. Especially on hot days, the temperature inside a car can reach astronomical heights and can be incredibly dangerous for not only pets, but also humans, especially small children and babies. Even for a short time, leaving a pet unattended in a car can result in death or serious harm. Many people believe that rolling the windows down slightly if sufficient, but it doesn’t allow air to circulate enough to prevent over-heating, exhaustion and dehydration. Thankfully, the dog in the now famous photo had air conditioning and water, or this story may not have had such a happy ending.

A Warning

If you’re thinking of taking you’re pets out with you for a ride in the car, make sure you know that your destination is pet friendly so you’re not caught off guard by the decision of where to leave them. It’s not worth taking your dog with you if you’re simply making a quick trip to the grocery store or running errands. Although you may be tempted to take your dog and not leave them lonely at home, they’ll be much safer in a cool and familiar environment until you get back. They may not be able to say it, but they’ll certainly be thankful. Similarly, leaving your small children or babies in the car is advised against as it can result in harm or death on a hot day. Don’t underestimate the powerful effects of the heat and always make sure you put safety above convenience.
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