This Owner Left His Dog In The Car, But It’s Not As Bad As It Sounds

As most dog owners know, it’s not always easy to travel with your pet. When out running errands, owners are faced with the dilemma of what to do when they go into a building that doesn’t permit animals. Do they leave them in the car? How about tying them up outside? Each option has it’s drawbacks. Tying up your dog outside leaves it vulnerable to the people who pass it by and increases the risk of it getting loose and running away, but leaving it in the car is well-known to be one of the worst things you can do for a dog. Not only do they not have access to fresh air if the windows are rolled up, but the glass increases the intensity of the sun’s heat which can literally kill them. This man, however, came up with a clever solution.

A Reassuring Message

When realizing he couldn’t take his dog with him, this man decided to leave his dog in the car while he was gone. Normally this would be cause for concern, but he decided to make things a little more comfortable for his pet. As people passed by the car, they were surprised to find a note attached to the inside of the window. The note informed anyone who was curious to not break the window—the air conditioning was in fact on and the dog not only had water, but the owner left his favourite music on, too. Amused by the clever note, one person snapped this picture on their smartphone and posted it online for the world to see, resulting in a massive amount of views and comments.
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