This Pregnant Woman Wanted A Picture With Her Late Husband...TOUCHING!

Nicole and Deonte Bennett, from Jackson, Mississippi, were extremely excited with the news they were expecting their second child together. Excited for the future, during Nicole’s pregnancy, Deonte had the clever idea to organize a photo shoot with the two of them and their four year old son in an effort to capture the moment and have something to look back on as a snapshot in time when there were just the three of them, with the fourth on the way. Unfortunately and sadly, two months before Nicole was expected to give birth to their new baby, Deonte passed away, leaving Nicole and the two children to come to terms with their loss.

A Shared Vision

Overwhelmed and stricken with grief, Nicole still wanted to go ahead with the photo shoot, maintaining Deonte’s original concept, but adjusting it in a way you might not imagine. In fact, despite the death of Deonte, she wanted him to be there right by her side in the photos.
With the help of some digital enhancements, Nicole’s dream came true. Photographer Sydney Conley captured shots of Nicole and her son in a park—the same park, in fact, that Nicole and Deonte had previously taken their engagement photos. With the help of photo editing software, the photographer was able to take crop Deonte out of the engagement photos and add them in the new ones fairly seamlessly. The result is a beautiful set of pictures that perfectly captures the family with Deonte looking on. Instead of simply copying and pasting him in the photos, he’s superimposed with a transparent filter, almost as if he is an angel watching from above and there by their side in spirit.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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