This Supermarket Employee Is Appalled By How His Boss Has Treated This Woman

An employee of a supermarket has had an amazing personal experience at work which he felt he needed to share on the web, posting his story to the popular news website Reddit. Needless to say, many people have already read this story and were very touched and deeply impacted.

The Beginning

"Let me explain first how my store manager, who is a very tall man, looks to most people: he is very intimidating to say the least. Yet in spite of this first impression, he is actually a really special and beautiful person. I would soon learn exactly what kind of man he really was. I had been working in the store for about seven months when this woman came in with her two children. One was about two years old, and the other was five.
Their mother looked frightened: her hair was a mess and she gave the impression that she hadn’t been sleeping for days. At one point, she comes up to me and asked me to see the store manager. I immediately called him over to us. I continued to work, but I could clearly hear what she was saying to my boss. She let slip that her husband was violent and abusive and lived in a nearby town where he had bought an apartment with the help of a friend, but that she, on the contrary, had nothing, not even to eat, and for this she was asking for help.

A Heartfelt Gesture

The store manager told her to go fill her shopping bag full of food, whatever she needed, and to go and find him when she was finished. He also he said to take a hot meal ready for her and for her children home with her.
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