This Young Mother Had Breakfast With A Bum. His Note Will Leave You Breathless.

Casey Fischer, a student, young mother, and native of New Hampshire, in the United States, wanted to grab something quick for breakfast before heading off the university for the day. When she arrived at the Dunkin’ Donuts, a popular donut shop in the States, she met a homeless man. Though she did not know it at the time, this chance meeting would change her life and you can read it in her Facebook post:

Just An Ordinary Day…

In her post, she detailed arriving at Dunkin’ Donuts only to see a homeless man singing by the side of the road, hoping to collect spare change. He eventually made his way into the restaurant to count the money he had made to buy something. She engaged in conversation with the man, though he was reluctant at first to respond. She persisted, however, and he eventually opened up.
He had only about $1 in loose change, which wasn’t enough to pay for anything, so she insisted on buying him a coffee and bagel and asked him to sit with her. He told her about his life as a homeless person and how people don’t treat him well because of it. He continued on about his life: how drug addiction turned him into a person even he hated, how he lost his mother to cancer, how he never knew his father and how he just wanted to become someone his mother would be proud of. The conversation kept flowing.
He told her his name was Chris. She described Chris as one of the most sincere and honest people she had ever met. When she realized she had to make it back to class on time, Chris took a scrap piece of receipt paper and jotted down a note. He handed it to her and apologized for his shaky writing. He smiled and then left. When she finally opened up the note, it said that he wanted to kill himself that day, but because of her, he doesn’t. He thanked her.
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