This Young Mother Kisses Son On The Lips. Nine Months Later, She Regrets It Horribly.

Sandra is a typical Spanish mother. While expecting her third child, she also takes care of her other two to do what all mothers: change their diapers, wipe their noses, play together and, like any loving mother, exchange kisses, even on the lips. But she never would have imagined what this act would have then resulted in the baby still waiting to be born. Sandra worked until the last day of her pregnancy. At the hospital, everything went as planned. There were no complications during delivery and Gonzalo, her newborn, seemed healthy and normal: he became attached to the breast naturally, like any other child would. However, only two days later, when the family was about to leave the hospital, doctors tell Sandra he has to do some small tests because the baby has begun to show signs of microcephaly and petechiae on his face.

The Tragic Consequences

Sandra is speechless when she is confirmed the diagnosis: Gonzalo has cerebral palsy. At first the reason remains unknown. The doctor cannot find anything in Sandra's medical history and she only recalls having suffered from a cold in the first months of pregnancy. This is the reason. Apparently the woman was infected with a virus called cytomegalovirus. Sandra has a broken heart when doctors tell her that the child might not be able to eat or speak. After three days of desperate crying, she decides to fight for her child. A paediatrician at La Paz hospital in Madrid, says: "Your child will go much farther the more you desire it." This prediction has come true. Gonzalo is now a child who can not only recognize his parents, but one who laughs and is happy. Sandra is happy with every step that her son can take. Now, for example, he can lift his arms, an achievement that she thinks is wonderful.
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