Thors Hammer! Here On Earth?

With the appearance of Thor’s seemingly immovable hammer, you may be wondering if Thor is lurking around the corner. Fear not as this is a replica, albeit an ingenious one. The original hammer of Thor is named Mjolnir, and it hails from Norse mythology where the myth states it could only be wielded my the chosen few. Marvel's depiction of Mjolnir suggests that Thor can only use it, and this is the basis of Alan Pen’s prank.The design is based around a microwave oven transformer electromagnet that is powered by four 12 volt batteries. To stop people picking it up, Alan has used a capacitive touch sensor in the handle whch instantly powers up the magnet, via a solid state relay, once the handle is gripped. A finger print scanner, coded to Alan, is employed as the only way of releasing the magnet and picking up the hammer. All this is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller that interprets the signals from the handle or the scanner and switches the relay on or off as appropriate. The result is a Mjolnir that can only be picked up by one person. Alan has enclosed the electronics in a realistic looking casing, and Thor’s hammer is reborn.
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