Three-Ingredient Japanese Cheesecake? The Web Goes Wild!

A simple recipe video, shot in a kitchen and featuring only the chef (and her amazing talking oven – so much want!) has gone viral. The reason for the success of this video is two-fold: firstly, it's how to make a yummy cake out of just three ingredients and secondly, the chef, Ochikeron, is a complete natural in front of the camera, talking viewers through clearly (aided by subtitles) and demonstrating the processes clearly. Many people are surprised by the success of Ochikeron, but they should not be. The three-ingredient cake video contains everything that today's modern audience could desire: an attractive host, a delicious cake and the means for us to make it ourselves, fantastic technology (that talking oven again!) and the whole video moves at a good pace, entertaining and enthralling the audience the whole way through.
For those who are cake-fiends, here is the recipe for Japanese Cotton Cheesecake (also known as three-ingredient Soufflé Cheesecake):

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