Top 10 Curiosity To See In New York City.


1 - New York's Own Tropical Beach

Not many people know that you can escape the summer heat and bustle of the city and enjoy a small piece of tropical paradise, on a palm-strewn beach offering great views across Manhattan. From May to September each year, you can catch a ferry from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park to Governor's island in Upper New York Bay, and enjoy a car-free oasis of calm. The island features a man-made golden sandy beach complete with plastic palms, recliners and a snack bar, along with cycling paths, a fort, outdoor art galleries and music and theatre events throughout the summer. When New York City's summer heat becomes stifling and you need an escape to while away the afternoon, this is one of NY's hidden gems that needs to be visited. There may be no surf or swimming to enjoy, but it sure beats the crowds and noise of other alternatives like Central Park.

2 - The USA's First 'White House'

Back in the day, New York City was the capital of the emerging United States of America. George Washington was inaugurated as the first president here, on the balcony of lower Manhattan's Federal Hall, on 30th April 1789. For the first year and a half of the USA's existence, Samuel Osgood House on the banks of the East River served as the nation's headquarters - the precursor of today's White House. The capital shortly moved to Philadelphia, before settling in the newly founded city of Washington DC where it stays to this day. For such an important part of the country's past, you might expect New York to make great fanfare of this little piece of history - but no. All that remains to mark the location of the original 'White House' is a tarnished, aged, hard-to-find metal plaque on a buttress of the much more famous Brooklyn Bridge.
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