Top 20 Unexplained Mysteries.


20 - The Turin Shroud

The Turin Shroud, a mysterious Christ-like face miraculously imprinted on a linen cloth, has puzzled experts for hundreds of years. Since being discovered in the middle-ages, it has been claimed that the face is an imprint left from being used to cover the body of Jesus after his crucifixion. While some doubt its origins, scientists have been unable to fully explain the origins of the shroud or how the image came to be. Since 1958, the Catholic Church has accepted the strange shroud as a genuine article, and with no other answer, could this be the only remaining image of Christ?

19 - The Fall of the Mayans

While pyramids where being built in Egypt and mathematics were being discovered in Greece, a little known civilization were doing the exact same thing in America. The Mayans, who lived in modern-day Mexico, built great cities of stone with populations of thousands, studied the stars and created their own writing, an advanced civilization that could have rivalled Europe. But, suddenly, the Mayans vanished without a trace, leaving only their abandoned cities. Some believe that they were visited by aliens, pointing to their strange art and calendars, others that a great disaster occurred, but it is all unknown now. Their cities today are only visited by tourists and weeds.

18 - The Phaistos Disc

The Minoans were ancient Greeks living around the island of Crete thousands of years ago, rich and powerful traders. They left behind them writing, pottery, metal working and a number of unexplained mysteries, including the Phaistos Disc, discovered a hundred years ago. The Disc is a wheel covered in a form of writing which has eluded deciphering ever since its discovery, made up of strange representations of men and beasts, different from other Minoan writing. Its use and meaning can only be guessed at, but it is clear from its size and design that it was a hugely important object.
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