Top Exercise Routines To Cure Back Pain


10 - Alexander Technique

Some of the evidence points to use of the Alexander Technique as a good cure for back problems, though this is not fully documented by medical practitioners. This is another exercise regime which works on posture and helps you amend poor or sloppy walking, sitting, standing posture. You will find your teacher observes the way you move and will make practical suggestions aimed at helping you correct any problems. Your teacher will use his/her hands to guide you in the best way to move so you can relearn your techniques. You then need to practice your Alexander Technique movements on a regular basis so that your new posture becomes habitual. There are many health problems that practitioners of this technique say can be alleviated once sufferers use these methods and back pain is just one of the many ailments included in the listing.

9 - Easy Sitting Exercise to Cure Back Pain

Regular upper body twist exercises will help cure your upper back pains if you do them three to five times each day. You should aim to perform at least five upper body twist exercises at each session. When you're in an upright seated position with your feet placed flat on the floor, cross your arms over your chest and loosely hold your lower shoulder/upper arm. Keep your hips still and slowly twist your upper body to the left, hold the stretch for at least five seconds. Repeat this on the right hand side and then go on for at least four repetitions of the exercise. You'll find this exercise will develop and add flexibility to your upper back over a period of time.

8 - Mini Squats to Build Back Strength and Ease Pain

Use a typical dining chair for mini squat exercises, which should again be carried out about three to five times daily for best results. Rest your hands palm down on the back of the chair and stand with your feet facing forward and about hip width apart. Slowly bend your knees as far as you can comfortably do so, while keeping your back straight at all times. Hold this squat for a few seconds then slowly move back to upright position while clenching your buttocks. Repeat this exercise at least five times for best results, and add the mini squat exercise to your regular home routine. You will discover gradual alleviation of back pains over a long time period if you carry out regular exercise and stretch routines on a daily basis.

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