Twelve Unknown Functions Of Whattsapp


1 - See when your messages are read

You can see the exact time your messages were delivered and you can see the exact time they were read. Go to WhatsApp chats, then press and hold on any of the messages you have sent. It then gives you an “Info” option that you can use to see if the other person has opened your message yet. If you are using iOS, then drag towards the left to see a window that shows you delivery and reading times. It is a great way of obsessing over somebody because it only fuels your frustration. For example, if the person has read your message and isn’t answering, then all you wonder is why. And, if the person hasn’t read your message yet, then what is the hold up? It is a function that is destined to cause arguments if the sender is insecure or needy.

2 - Save or send your WhatsApp conversations

If you have had a conversation on the WhatsApp platform, you can save it by emailing it to yourself. Or, you can email it to another person to show them what has been said. What is more, it is not a “copy and paste” job where the formatting is a mess. WhatsApp will create an email for you that shows your conversation, which includes images and videos you have sent. It formats the conversation so it is easy to read via email. Go to the menu in a conversation and click on “More.” Now click on email conversation and enter the email address you wish to send the conversation to. It will indicate on the message that an attachment has been added that consists of the conversation you wanted to email. You may then open the file on your computer and see the conversation laid out.

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