Twenty Animals That Look Just Like Celebrities: Can You Tell Them Apart?


20 - The Aye Aye and Alice Cooper

Rock legend Alice Cooper would probably be pleased to be compared to this odd little creature, the mysterious aye aye. The aye aye is an elusive, weird looking creature that lives in Madagascar, only comes out at night and has a knack for being misunderstood by science. It's rarely seen, and when it was first discovered people thought it was a rodent, until they realised it was a species of lemur. Twenty Animals that Look Just Like Celebrities: Can You Tell Them Apart The aye aye is more closely related to monkeys than to rats or bats, but nonetheless it still looks like a creature of the night. It has a long, creepy middle finger with a special kind of joint that lets it tap, tap, tap on the tree trunks to lure out tasty insects… The aye aye even looks like it’s wearing black leather gloves and thick black eyeliner – just like Alice! Spooky! Not that either of them need to wear eyeliner with those intense stares.

19 - The Billy Goat and Mel Gibson

Last year, Aussie news site reported that the pride of their great nation, veteran actor Mel Gibson, had 'turned into Colonel Sanders,' when he appeared at Cannes Film Festival sporting this massive white goatee beard. The beard didn't last for long, but Mel's temporary resemblance to this friendly-looking white billy goat did not go unnoticed by this writer. Twenty Animals that Look Just Like Celebrities: Can You Tell Them ApartPerhaps Mel decided that the old-school beard didn't fit so well with his current big movie venture, Mad Max: Fury Road, the sequel to the cult future apocalypse movies beloved of a certain generation, which had it's US premier in May 2015. Or maybe it was the Colonel Sanders reference that encouraged Mel to get his razor out again. The goat still looks happy to be paid such a compliment, even if it didn't last. Mel was clearly proud of that beard, as he doesn't look at all sheepish.
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