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Twenty Different Ways To Use Baking Soda


1. Clean baby clothes without harsh detergents

It is a biodegradable substance that doesn’t pollute and will not give off any noxious gasses when it is worn. Use it to hand wash your baby’s clothes and it will remove dirt whilst removing nasty smells too. Is it as effective as harsh detergents and cleaners? No, of course it isn’t, but you do not have to worry about repeated rinsing to get the detergent out. Plus, leaving a little bit of dirt is not going to harm your child, whereas an overly sterile environment will.

2. Get the smell out of lunch boxes

The thing about lunch boxes is that they absorb odors and if they are used everyday then it is difficult getting them clean. They sit in the dark without proper airflow and a light film of bacteria builds up and causes smells. You can wash it as much as you like, but unless you dry it thoroughly you are not going to remove the odor-producing bacteria. Luckily, the bacteria is not dangerous unless you are very bad at cleaning, but it does cause smells. Sprinkle a little baking soda in there and it will absorb the smell. Even if you put a small amount in a pot, it will help remove smells.

3. Soak up odors on materials and carpets

Baking soda is good at absorbing smells and helping your carpets smell and look fresher. Sprinkle it liberally onto your carpets and leave it for a while. The longer you leave it, then the more effective it is. Try not to do it in humid or damp conditions or you will have to wash it out. After a while, you can vacuum it up. Run over the same area a few times before you tread on it or you may end up pushing the baking soda into the carpet.
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