Twenty Ways The World Has Changed For The Worse


1. Computers are smaller, people are bigger

It's a sad fact that as computers have shrunk over the years, people have become bigger and bigger. Obesity is a growing problem in many countries, and this is all the fault of these tiny computers, and the thoroughly inactive lifestyle they encourage us to lead.

2. Pictures have become much more 'selfie'ish

Remember when holiday snaps used to be shots of the whole family playing on the beach? Now you'll find that your own face (and feet) seem to feature an awful lot more, thanks to the rise of the 'selfie', and the world’s new obsession with 'selfie sticks'.

3. Getting snail mail is a lot more exciting

We used to get so excited to receive a new email; now our inboxes are clogged with spam and messages we should have replied to weeks ago. Getting a letter in the post is almost a treat in comparison with the daily inbox purge. Plus no one expects you to reply immediately!

4. Children are teaching their parents how to use technology

As children, we're so dependent on our parents to teach us everything. Now parents are becoming more and more reliant on their children to help them use new technology. Apple Stores will soon be full of 10-year-old 'geniuses' helping all the confused adults use their new phones and tablets.

5. Playing computer games now requires your credit card details

Winning a computer game used to take hard work, determination and lots of wasted time. Now all you need to do is put in your credit card details to get the tools you need to reach the next level. It's an ingenious ploy by the gaming industry, which has terrified parents with tech-savvy kids.
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