Two Extra Holes On Your Converse, What Are They For?

The holes are found on the outside edge of the shoes and look pretty discrete, perhaps just a style option from the original creators in 1908 and later put into their "all star" brand. Well you'd think so anyway; but actually, they serve a purpose. That's right, they're not just a little quirky design from way back when, the clever clogs at Converse actually have two very well thought out purposes for them.

What are they for? Reason one!

Well, wonder no more! It turns out the first purpose of these holes is to provide some much needed ventilation to your feet whilst being worn. This is especially useful considering the range of activities that converse are worn in. The holes in the side allow air to circulate around between steps to stop your feet getting all hot and sweaty. This is especially useful for sports and other strenuous activities if you want to look stylish whilst you play. However, is this really correct? You can only really see this being truly effective if you decide go "commando" with your feet and take off your socks whilst you wear them. Surely that would be a bit uncomfortable when wearing converse, wouldn't you agree? The decision is up to the wearer!
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