Two Extra Holes On Your Converse, What Are They For?

You can pretty much wear these shoes with any type of clothing combination; jeans, trousers, shorts, dresses or mini skirts; converse will still look stylish! But have you ever looked at your Converse and thought, "hey wait, there are extra holes for some reason"? Well here comes the news that those extra holes in the side of your Converse actually serve a practical purpose.

Converse Speculation

The converse all star was the first to be produced in 1917, and by the 1990's a whopping 500 million pairs had been sold worldwide in 90 countries! So this brand throughout the year has definitely been a shoe-in for sales, making approximately $308 million in 1998. Over the years there has been a lot of speculation about what these holes are for including storage of extra laces, and tying shoes together when putting away. However these have been dismissed as slightly obscure reasoning, especially now the real truth is out there!

Not a design choice!

Up to this point, you've probably either been unaware that these holes existed unless you've had a closer inspection, or you've been looking at your Converse wondering what they are actually for, unsure of what to do with these holes.
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