Using Water And Salt To Recharge Your Smartphone.

Are salt and water really enough to recharge one smartphone? In an emergency and without access to power outlets, it certainly seems so. In fact, using these two simple ingredients is a very effective solution when you’re in a pinch. All thanks to a Swedish device that provides power derived from salt and water, it’s a charging method that is simpler than you might think. The name of the device is JAQ and it guarantees you’ll be able to charge your smartphone effectively and quickly. On top of that, it’s design is small and compact and can fit right into your pocket, with no need to carry around extra bulk in a box or bag.
JAQ was created by MYFC, a Swedish startup that has developed and perfected a technology that, through the use of salt and water, can transform chemical energy into electricity — electricity which is then transferred directly to the smartphone with the help of a micro USB cable. Because the device uses the universal format of micro USB, smartphones are only the beginning. Many devices can be charged using this technology, from cameras to tablets and more. So how does the salt and water work, exactly? In essence, a PowerCard must be inserted into the JAQ. This card contains a mixture of water and salt and is capable of producing up to 1800 mAh. To give you an idea how much power it produces, it’s enough to fully charge an iPhone 6S easily. The only drawback to this method is that the card is only sufficient for a single charge. It also has a limit, so in order to charge a device larger than a smartphone, such as a tablet, it will require more than one card. Once a card has been used, it can be disposed of in the regular waste.
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