Vagrant Receives Public Death Threats After Video Via Social Media


A homeless man has been the target of threats from the general public, following outrage sparked by video footage taken of him. The astonishing footage featuring the supposed beggar, Matthew Brinton, sparked public outcry with Facebook comments displaying threats of violence toward him.

Caught on Video!

The shocking video was filmed by a Newquay resident of Cornwall, Kain Kennedy, and posted on Facebook to be shared by the public. Kennedy alerted members of the public to a dishevelled Brinton’s whereabouts by posting comments alongside the video such as, "He sits outside of the Newquay Clintons card shop!”. Kennedy appears to have filmed the beggar and shared his footage online in an effort to publicly shame this man out of his actions and stop any further people donating money to him.


Furthermore he added: “This has been removed from the Newquay page for reasons that can't be discussed, but this guy needs to be stopped!! It's had 500+ shares! Let's make it go viral!"

Brinton appeared penniless and begged for money on the streets of Newquay with the company of his trusty sidekick; a border collie named Hazel and appeared as though he may be sleeping rough.

The video seems to have had the desired effect in bringing public attention to the matter, as one Facebook user claimed that Brinton had already received a donation from an elderly member of the public, supposedly in order to pay for a stay in a local B&B but then he was alleged to have went to his own home the following day.

Vagrant receives public death threats after video via social media

Facebook user Trudy Blair seemed utterly outraged and left the comment: "The poor elderly gent was distraught that his kindness had been abused in such a way. It's disgusting!"

The Wheels of Justice.

Brinton was shockingly shown in the video footage to be to getting into what appeared to be his own sports car located at the Mount Wise car park. The car, an Audi TT with a ticket value of £30,000 brand new, was driven off by the hapless beggar and needless to say many of the passersby who had donated money where left dumbfounded in light of this revelation. An angered Kain posted the comment: "This vile man claims to be homeless yet is driving around in a black Audi TT!”

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