Vertigo-inducing ‘Case Brutale’ Is Built Into The Cliffs

Set into a cliff face overlooking the Aegean Sea, this unique house has been called ‘Case Brutale’ or ‘Brutal House.’ This futuristic project, which takes its inspiration from the Brutalist design movement, was developed by OPA (Open Platform for Architecture). This prestigious firm of architects, which operates in both Holland and Greece, has attracted publicity by releasing a series of conceptual renderings showing their plans for this breathtaking building. The Brutal House is presently only a concept and an idea that precedes the actual project. This futuristic home is set in a cliff on the beautiful island of Rhodes and would provide breathtaking views while, at the same time, blending perfectly with the surrounding landscape and being incorporated into the rocks.
It has a roof and a pool with transparent flooring that also acts as a single window to give the effect of a continuation of the Greek sky. It is possible to see the ocean from each level of the building; in fact, it is the dominant element of the house. Another stand-out feature of this amazing structure is the fascinating interplay of light and shade that gives the interior a surreal and impalpable atmosphere. The environmental impact of the house is virtually zero, since only one side of the house breaks up the cliff face and that is made of glass; the other three sides are surrounded by rock walls that provide thermal insulation.
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