Watch This Video Of A Python Vs. An Alligator: Guess Who Wins!

Who would win in a fight: python or crocodile? How about and anaconda or alligator? It’s not exactly an age old question, but it’s certainly one that will keep you wondering. These animals, after all, are among the most dangerous on earth. Whichever the case, I don’t think they’re animals that any human would hope to run into and this video shows exactly why. Watch This Video Of A Python vs. An Alligator: Guess Who Wins Featuring a series of clips of snakes and alligators or crocodiles fighting to the death, it’s certainly a harrowing sight. However they ended up meeting, the outcome is not a good one. In all instances, it seems the python has a slight edge over it’s reptilian victim. While both are dangerous, we’ll break down exactly why the python comes out on top.

All Wrapped Up

Once of the greatest strengths alligators and crocodiles have are their jaws. Large and extremely powerful, their teeth and jaws are where their killing power come from. One bite from a crocodile and you’re in trouble. They also have the ability to keep their jaw open and remain very still, snapping down at just the right moment to capture their prey. Watch This Video Of A Python vs. An Alligator: Guess Who Wins While this can be used to ward off snakes and attack when necessary, it’s no match for the snake, ever resilient. In one clip, we see a snake slither by a croc, only to find itself bitten down on. Although it’s a blow to the python, it was able to use the rest of it’s long and maneuverable body to wrap the remainder of itself around the crocodile and bring it to heel. Because of the shape of alligators and crocodiles, they don’t boast the flexibility that snakes do and are naturally at a disadvantage when defending against them. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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