Waterlogged Worlds - The Story Of Our Sunken Cities


Lake Resia, Italy

Lake Resia was a man-made project designed to amalgamate the twin towns of Graun and Reschen which are nestled between the Alps. The story goes that an electricity company hatched the plans to construct a dam which would provide power to the surrounding areas. Meanwhile, the man-made lake would converge with two other real lakes nearby and this would effectively submerge the towns in water. The local residents were against the move from the very beginning. Despite their protestations the work was carried out and the towns promptly disappeared beneath the water line in 1950. All that is visible today is the 14th century bell tower which juts out of the water against a backdrop of ghostly mountain terrain. The bells were removed from the tower long ago. However, locals who still reside in the region, swear they can hear their haunting toll on cold and damp nights.
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