Waterlogged Worlds - The Story Of Our Sunken Cities


Epecuen village, Argentina

Epecuen village in Argentina was once a thriving tourist hotspot which attracted locals the year round. Sitting on a salt-lake shore just South of Buenos Aires, the picturesque village saw a steady flow of tourist traffic for many years. In November of 1985, the town fell hostage to a terrible natural disaster which all but obliterated its existence. Persistent bad weather unleashed a torrent of unprecedented rainfall, so much so, that the salt-lake couldn't cope with the capacity and it eventually began to overflow. While the town had taken measures to protect it from such an event, the surrounding wall caved in under the pressure of the gigantic water surge. The townsfolk were forced to abandon their homes. Thirty years later, the water has receded to reveal an eerie scene of senseless destruction: dead trees, rusted artefacts and even a desecrated grave-site.
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