Weaning Your Baby


When babies are first born they get all the nutrition they need from breast or formula milk. At around six months old they will need to be introduced to solid food, which is called weaning, and there are ways to do this to make it easier for you and your baby.

When should I wean my baby?

Science has shown that babies need only milk for the first six months of their lives. Some babies are more hungry and may need to be fed a larger amount of milk, or more frequently, but this isn't a sign that they need to move on earlier to solid food. The reason you should wait to wean your child is because the digestive system needs time to develop, and the swallow reflex is not properly formed before the sixth month. There are signs to look out for:

1 - Baby should be able to sit up and hold their head still

2 - Baby should be able to swallow solid food and not just push it back out of their mouths

3 - Baby should be able to focus and look at the food in front of them

All little ones move on to proper food at some point, some may take a little longer but they will get there in the end so try not to rush and wait until your baby is ready.

Safety first

When the time is right to introduce solid food, you must remember to make sure your baby is always safe. Choking on food is a real hazard so stay with them all the time watching what they are doing. If they are using a high chair, make sure safety straps are all properly adjusted and use all the straps every single time - don’t be tempted to only do up some of them. Ensure hot food has cooled down all the way to the middle - sometimes the top may be the right temperature, but a couple of spoons down and it might be still to warm. When it comes to the food preparation, all the dishes, utensils and your hands should be spotlessly clean to avoid food contamination, and if you store food for later, make sure it is covered and refrigerated appropriately.

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