What A Person's Diet Might Tell You About Aspects Of Their Personality


Red Meat

Knowing the key features of a person’s diet provides an insight into their personality. Elite red meat eaters eat meat of the finest quality in small amounts once, or possibly twice a week. They are likely to be in fairly well paid jobs where educational level has a bearing, they understand the dangers associated with too much read meat as well as the benefits of having the right kind of saturated fats. The care taken over their choice will be reflected in other parts of their lives where quality rather than quantity will always be the primary consideration. They will exercise regularly and maintain their ideal weight. The primary driver for the parent with a shopping trolley full of cheap red meat products is likely to be cost. They know about the health hazards of too much red meat but their income dictates what they can buy and they believe by buying the best they can afford they are providing their family with a balanced diet.

White Meat

Whilst a variety of birds fall into this category, in reality we are really referring to chicken, now freely available fresh or frozen. The irony is that whilst people who eat predominantly chicken as their source of animal protein are likely to be health conscious, much of the chicken on sale in supermarkets may not be as health as they think due to fast growing, hormonal enhanced, factory farmed poultry. The person who eats chicken as their animal protein source is likely to eat sensibly and exercise. These people know a little bit about health eating and more knowledge would help them make even better choices. At the other end of the spectrum, like the elite meat eaters, are the elite white meat eaters who will only eat organic, free range birds. They will have an income to support their habit and their fastidiousness is probably reflect in other areas of their life. They are likely to exercise very regularly and probably in quite a scientific way.
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